Garment Care Instructions

This information is to be used as a guide to help you to properly care for the garments that have been purchased at Womb and Beyond.

Tutu Dresses

Fluffing:  Before wearing the tutu dress, flip it upside down and gently rake your fingers through the tulle.

Storing: The best way to keep the tutu full is to hang it on a hanger – this will decrease the chance of wrinkling.  You can also store it in a box and re-fluff before it’s worn.

If your tutu becomes wrinkled, the best solution is to hang it in your bathroom whilst you shower – the steam will help bring it back to it’s original fullness.

We advise that you spot clean your tutu dress with cool water as and when necessary.

Always wash on the delicate cycle(or hand wash) and air-dry your tutu dress.  PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER. (This could cause damage to the tulle and ribbons will eventually fray.)